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Ways to Use Visual Connect

Visual Connect, our automated email and text message module, can be used to send electronic communications for a variety of purposes. Some of these include: Appointment reminders that allow patients to confirm. Follow up communications containing a survey link for feedback. Recall reminders that include a link to your online booking portal. Follow up messages […]

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Happy Earth Day! – Tips for Being Paperless

In celebration of Earth Day today, we wanted to highlight ways that Visual-Eyes can help your practice reduce its environmental footprint. Reports – Save them to PDF on your computer rather than printing them. Sticky Notes – Use the ToDo module to pass messages and assign tasks to other co-workers rather than writing on paper. […]

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Protect Your Clinic!

It is important to have an antivirus program to protect your clinic’s data and prevent interruptions of service related to viruses, hacking, and malware. Equally important, is to ensure your antivirus is kept up to date. Windows 10 now includes Windows Defender, which is a basic antivirus tool. Given the sensitivity of your data we […]

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