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8 Ways to Increase Positive Online Reviews For Your Optometry Practice

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New Online Training Resource

Visual-Eyes’ new online training resources contain videos, practice sessions, and quizzes to help train your team. This new resource is now available to all Visual-Eyes clinics at no additional cost. To access these online courses: Register for an account on Note: There may be a slight delay for the website and course registration due to the security verification process.  Once you are […]

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5 Tips on How to Remind Patients of Appointments

Calendar with "appointment" written on day of 12th as reminder

Having a bustling schedule is great, but it does not mean much if you cannot be sure your patients will reliably arrive for their appointments. We all lead busy lives and occasionally things slip through the cracks of our full calendars. Luckily you can offer your patients convenient reminders that are simple for your staff […]

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Board Management with Frame Demographic Reports

Frame Demographic Reports can help you improve your frame gallery management. Running these reports prior to meeting with a rep will help identify gaps and redundancies within your frame collections.  By looking at the breakdown of key aspects of your inventory, you can determine what your practice sells best. When reviewing sales over the last […]

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OptoCalc by Visual-Eyes

OptoCalc is a calculator created by Visual-Eyes with optometrists, opticians, and optometric assistants in mind. It is designed to help simplify and increase efficiencies with industry specific calculations, such as those made for determining edge thickness, spectacle magnification, vertex, and more. The optocalc.exe file can be downloaded HERE, as well as copied to any Windows computer.  The Visual-Eyes […]

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Lens ‘Extras’ Make Pricing Orders Easier

Lens extras are additional charges from your lab (e.g. for semi-rimless lenses) that are applied to orders. Visual-Eyes has a function that allows you to enter the parameters that incur these extras charges, enabling them to be automatically added to a lens price when one of the parameters is triggered. Setting up lens extras helps ensure […]

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Join our Visual-Eyes Users Community Forum

Have you registered to access valuable resources on our website yet? Not only can you view past newsletter articles and webinars, but we now have a forum available. Join the conversation with your fellow optometrists, clinic staff, and Visual-Eyes staff to ask any questions or share ideas that would benefit everyone. The forum can be […]

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