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How to Organize Patient Charts with Software Solutions

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Preparing for Frame Rep Meetings

Take the guesswork out of inventory management by managing with facts using Visual-Eyes’ inventory reports. Let the power of Visual-Eyes analyze your inventory data and provide your team with stats showing which frames, brands, trends and styles to purchase (or to liquidate). Analyzing your frame turn rate and your board composition data, you can be […]

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Benefits of Barcode Scanners

Investing in a barcode scanner is an effective way for staff to save time, avoid transcription errors, and increase accuracy. With a quick scan of a barcode, you can search for an order or a frame. This will allow you to improve processes related to:  Retrieving Rx & CL Orders Bulk Status Changes for Orders […]

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Save Time with Split Payments

Visual-Eyes’ split payment feature applies one payment to a group of invoices. This can be done in two ways: Family Split Payments: This allows family members to make payments towards multiple invoices for people listed under the same family unit. Insurance Split Payments: This allows a single entry for insurance payments regardless of the number of patients […]

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Benefits of the ToDo Module

The Visual-Eyes ToDo Module gives your clinic the ability to go fully paperless, with interoffice communication and task managing capabilities. ToDo module features include: Creating reminders for tasks that can be linked to a specific patient’s file.  Monitoring the completion status of ToDos. Forward dating messages for reminders of future tasks. Sending messages or tasks to an individual, […]

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Let Patients Know When You Are Open

In Visual Care, there is a feature that enables you to set your regular clinic hours, as well as holiday closures. Setting the times that your business is open will affect: How messages are sent from Visual Connect; messages will not send on days that you are closed. Available booking days in Visual Book. It is important to […]

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Avoid Waiting with Planned Support

There are two basic types of support.  1. UnplannedThis is where something unexpected happens and you need help in order to get it resolved. In these cases, support is only a phone call or email away.  2. Planned (e.g. inventory or equipment upgrades)This occurs when you know you will need support and the call can be scheduled for a future date/time. […]

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Leveraging Visual Connect Surveys

“How satisfied are you with your new glasses?” A simple question can go a long way towards great customer care and building a loyal patient base. Use Visual Connect surveys to assess patient experience and satisfaction. Surveys may be sent following: Eye examinations Purchasing retail products (e.g. glasses or contact lenses) These 1 question surveys […]

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The Importance of Keeping Your Software Up to Date

There are multiple reasons why software updates are released and why you should keep them current. This applies equally to Windows, Visual-Eyes and any other software you might run within your clinic. Bugs/Security Exploits – Older software versions may have bugs or known security holes that could be exploited by hackers, which have since been patched. […]

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Benefits of the Routing Module

The Visual-Eyes Routing module is an effective way to electronically track and manage patients in your clinic. Key patient information is readily available, and you can maintain patient care by knowing who is where and how long they have been there. Additional benefits of the Routing module include: Maintain a paperless clinic as there is […]

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