Clinic Replication

Multiple Locations? We Have the Solution.

If yours is a clinic with multiple locations, you need a system that lets you centrally manage in order to improve patient flow and make office management easy and efficient. Visual-Eyes offers a service called Replication which includes a real time data sharing component between multiple locations. 

How is Replication Set Up?

If you currently have two or more locations that you wish to replicate, a proposed ‘go live’ date is assigned and all clinics are prepared for replication. 
  • Decide on a ‘master server’ location. Your master server is the one that manages the replication of your locations.  We recommend that it be set up at your head office.

  • Match all versions of Visual-Eyes. For consistent delivery across all locations, we must ensure that each office is currently running the same version of Visual-Eyes.  If there are variations at play, our technical support staff will work with you to run all necessary updates.

  • Merge all data.  Before all patient and inventory data is merged, we confirm that the data from each individual location has a unique ‘Publisher’, which is a different identifier for each office database. This way, although you are able to view and share data from one location to another, transactions processed at a specific office stay tied to that location.

  • Finalize replication. Once your data is merged, it is subsequently copied to all locations and the replication service begins. As soon as your clinic is in live status, transactions made at one location are instantly viewable at other locations in less than a minute.

The Benefits of Clinic Replication

  • Patient flow is easier.  If you have a patient visit you at one location, but their last exam was at another, you can still view all exam history, links and other vital patient summary information.
  • Backups are instant.  Given the fact that replication is a near instantaneous service, data from one location is backed up at other location(s), acting as a real-time backup system.
  • Communication between offices is smoother. Now you can task message between offices and see pertinent patient data from other locations without the need to make a phone call.
  • All data can be shared. Now you have the ability to manage invoice item pricing, catalog pricing, and exam customization from one central location for every office.
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