Training Is Not An Expense, It Is An Investment

Take advantage of our professional training services to ensure that each of your staff members is fully prepared to utilize the advanced features and functionalities of Visual-Eyes. Our trainers do more than train, they work with you and your staff to improve office efficiency. Our years of Canadian wide, on-site clinic experience has given us the in-depth knowledge we need to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

How We Do It

Once you have made the decision to move your practice management to Visual-Eyes, a trainer is assigned to your clinic. He or she will contact you directly and work with either the office manager or owner to ensure that the needs of your clinic are met and to assign training and installation dates.  
In addition to training your staff on the software, we advise your clinic on any necessary hardware or network upgrades, we work with you to convert existing data if needed, and we even help you create fully custom, branded print materials for your clinic. 

Training services include:

  • Customized training based on clinic needs
  • On-site and remote training
  • PC hardware advice
  • Professional recommendations on backups and network security
  • Assistance with patient flow and clinic efficiency
  • Suggestions on floor plans for new offices and renovations
The relationship you have with your trainer continues long after training is complete and you can expect regular follow-ups for many months after.  This feature of our training package is set in place to ensure that your transition to Visual-Eyes is as smooth as possible. We work to maintain long lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients – and that relationship starts with your trainer.

Visual-Eyes Services