Rx screen

Dispensing Module

A Comprehensive Job Ordering Solution

Visual-Eyes offers a complete, end-to-end solution for eye-wear dispensing.  Track frames, spectacle prescriptions and lab orders all in a single location that also allows viewing by any staff member.  Communications among clinic staff are simplified, thereby improving patient relationships and optimizing your service.

Entering Prescription Information

Prescription information can be imported directly from our exam form or manually entered for a patient.  Comprehensive and accurate records of all order histories are displayed on the dispensing screen, allowing staff members to view prescription changes and advise patients on the best course of action.

Frame Inventory Control

Our frame inventory control feature ensures that all frame purchases and patient sales are recorded according to the supplier. Warranties, credits, special orders on approval and returns to suppliers are easy to manage and the Visual-Eyes lens catalog system helps dispensing staff choose an appropriate lens based on combined prescription measurements and selected frames.

Powerful Tracking

Visual-Eyes lets you easily track your lab orders and quickly follow up on back-orders and breakages.  You can also manage multiple job orders per patient, allowing your dispensing staff to confirm that a patient's complete eye-wear purchase is delivered within the promised timeframe.