exam module
Exam2 screen

Exam Module

An Advanced, Intuitive and Customizable Exam System

The most customizable area of an already custom system, the Visual-Eyes Exam Module has groundbreaking functions that further streamline your exam processes.  We understand that you need an efficient and feature-rich system that works seamlessly with your current exam procedures, which is why we’ve developed a proprietary system that is designed to accommodate, support and adapt.

Highlighted Features

Not only can you adjust the order in which you enter findings, but you can also customize individual tests to suit your needs.  Visual-Eyes works closely with popular pretest vendors, which gives us the ability to bring results directly from your equipment into your electronic exam – no more transcribing issues and no more wasted time.  Based on post exam results, you can configure the system to auto generate exam letters, spectacle job orders and contact lens job orders.  
The Visual-Eyes Exam Module works in your favour and is much faster and more flexible than any paper-based system.