family screen
recall screen

Base Module

At the Heart of the Visual-Eyes System

The Visual-Eyes Base Module is where everything begins.

Your patients are grouped into families.  
This makes it quick and easy to identify whether or not other family members are in need of your services, or to access a child's information when a parent asks.  When a family acquires a new address you only need to enter it once and the system also accounts for patients who get married, move out of their parents’ homes, and so much more.  Don’t worry, we’ve thought of it all.


There are summary tabs at the bottom of the screen.
These allow you to instantly see a complete overview of your patient in seconds.  Arrows point you in the right direction and tell you exactly where to look.  Just double click to learn more and a corresponding screen pops up with full details.
We track everything.
From referral sources and occupation names to family doctor contact information, Visual-Eyes gives you all the details you need to properly care for your patients and grow your practice.  The data we track is compiled into reports that give you incredible insight into your business. 


You can custom print right from the program.
If you’re not quite ready to become a paperless clinic, print your envelopes, labels, examination papers and so much more directly from the Visual-Eyes Base Module. Every tool is at your fingertips, helping you run your practice as efficiently as possible.