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Scheduler Module

State-of-the-Art Scheduling

Book Appointments Fast

The Visual-Eyes Scheduling Module is flexible and intuitive.  Not only are detailed appointments easy to create, but all aspects of this module are customizable, making your practice’s schedule truly one of a kind.  Create your own list of appointment types and statuses, find existing patients or add new patients to your database.  Appointments are generated in a single step without the need to click through multiple screens.

Maximize Efficiency

The Visual-Eyes waiting list feature helps to ensure that your schedule is always full and that your regular patients are booked in as soon as possible. Recalls are straightforward and easily tied to appointments, allowing you to quickly report on recall effectiveness and patient retention.

Patient Reporting

Visual-Eyes gives you the ability to track all patients added to your schedule and generate reports on both new and existing patients. This powerful feature enables you to keep an accurate record of patient growth and demographics as your practice evolves and expands.