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Get Rid of Those Post-It Notes Once and For All!

Tired of the sea of yellow on your co-workers' monitors?  With To-Do, you can pass notes back and forth throughout the office electronically. This gives your staff the ability to do everything from setting personal reminders and ordering stock to quickly relaying accessible information specific to certain patients and their electronic files. Think of it as an intra-office email system to communicate with a single staff member, a select group or the entire organization.

Are You Too Accustomed to the Paper Routing Slip?

Visual-Eyes automatically tracks every activity performed in the system on any given day.  What better way to monitor unexpected adjustments or additions to a patient's visit than to use a system that tracks their progress through your clinic digitally?  The Visual-Eyes electronic routing system allows you to follow and monitor your patient, assign tasks in the different areas of your office, and record the time it takes for your patient to be serviced in each area.