Visual-Eyes Overview

Visual-Eyes is the premiere practice management software solution for the Eye Care Industry. Ease of use, stability of data, and thorough office integration have been our guiding principles from day one. This program was created from the ground up to promote efficiency in all areas of the optometric clinic.

Multiple Modules

Visual-Eyes is made available with different modules. This gives you the freedom to use the features that you want, without paying for extra features that you do not need.  Adding more users, more modules and even linking to a satellite office can be done at any time with complete flexibility.  All modules expand upon the base module.  Other modules include: invoicing, scheduler, dispensing, contact lenses, examination (electronic medical records or EMR), file linking, and task messaging.

What You Can Expect from Visual-Eyes

  • Complete customization to your practice

  • Rock solid data management with minimal downtime

  • User friendly data entry in a Windows 2000/XP/7/8 environment

  • Drop down options that reduce errors and make data entry fast and easy

  • Easy navigation through our exclusive menu bar and keyboard shortcuts

  • Quick access to previous information from every screen

  • Full data conversion is available


Visual-Eyes is perfectly suited to all optometry practices, small or large. Our clients' clinics range in size from one computer to dozens of workstations.

Join us as we take you on a tour of The Eye Studio and show you how Visual-Eyes works for hundreds of optometrists across Canada.

"Recently we celebrated our six-year anniversary using visual-eyes optometric management software and we still receive the same dedicated service that we received from day one."... "Our computers have cut down on labour costs and made our offices streamlined and efficient." 

Dr. Trisha Beal
Brant Family Eye Care

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