Examination Lane

"Have a seat, the doctor will be right with you."

Sound familiar?  In this case, we are not talking about just any doctor – one of the best in the business: Visual-Eyes.  This premiere optometric practice management software solution is the only one of its kind designed by optometrists for optometrists.  It gives you the ability to be a better doctor, who provides a better service.

Visual-Eyes Lets You Conduct Your Exams Your Way

Here is how we do it:  
  • With its intuitive capabilities, the Exam Module increases your efficiency and gives you more time to focus on patient care.  
  • Our system features direct data collection from top computer-enabled refractive and diagnostic instruments.
  • You are provided with a state-of-the-art EMR exam layout that is easy to navigate and completely customizable.  In split-screen and historical views, you can instantly see all previous exams with just a few clicks of your mouse.  Using customized dropdown menus and default field entries, recording current findings is simple and immediate.
  • The Visual-Eyes Linking Module provides a repository for all documents related to the patient including fundus photos, visual field results and referral letters.
  • The intra and inter office task messaging system, ToDo and Routing, allows you to assign tasks to specific staff members and increase the effectiveness of your internal communications. Evaluate, understand and control patient flow throughout your practice by efficiently routing each visit and reducing visible bottlenecks. 
Even across multiple clinic locations, Visual-Eyes gives you secure and instant access to all electronic patient files.