Reception Desk

The Reception Desk

The Reception Desk is where your patients' experience begins and ends, where arriving patients are welcomed into your clinic and where satisfied patients book return appointments and settle their accounts. This is the “face” of your company, where first and last impressions are made.  
The presentation quality of your practice is in your hands.  Give your staff members all the tools they need to efficiently and effectively service your patients.

Visual-Eyes Makes It Easy

  • Patient information is quickly and easily accessible on a single screen.
  • As patients arrive, you can instantly pull up their appointment information in the scheduler.  This module uses an interactive colour-coded system that makes managing appointments a breeze.
  • Visual-Eyes offers full integration capabilities with all Canadian electronic provincial healthcare billing systems.
  • Invoicing is accessible from multiple screens for ease of use in any area of the clinic.
  • Tools including “split payments” and “deposit on account” make payments easy for patients and staff.
  • The program auto-prompts for recalls based on invoice and healthcare billing procedures. You can easily invite your patients back to the clinic by phone, direct mail or e-mail and the system’s reporting feature offers a variety of options including mailing labels, export files and customized letters.
  • Now you can finally eliminate sticky notes with the intra and inter office to-do system.


Understanding Your Practice

You and your staff have access to over 340 unique reports that pull data from every module connected to the software.  This provides you with valuable information on recall effectiveness, inventory discrepancies, end of day reports and third-party accounts receivables. These are only a few examples of the extensive capabilities of this powerful system.  And in cases where you cannot find the report you need, have no fear.  We will create it for you – no questions asked.