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Benefits of the ToDo Module

The Visual-Eyes ToDo Module gives your clinic the ability to go fully paperless, with interoffice communication and task managing capabilities. ToDo module features include: Creating reminders for tasks that can be linked to a specific patient’s file.  Monitoring the completion status of ToDos. Forward dating messages for reminders of future tasks. Sending messages or tasks to an individual, […]

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Let Patients Know When You Are Open

In Visual Care, there is a feature that enables you to set your regular clinic hours, as well as holiday closures. Setting the times that your business is open will affect: How messages are sent from Visual Connect; messages will not send on days that you are closed. Available booking days in Visual Book. It is important to […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are entering a new patient or completing an exam, memorizing and using keyboard shortcuts in Visual-Eyes is quicker than going back and forth with your mouse. Visual-Eyes makes use of general and exam specific keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate and save time. A few favorites include: Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl S – Saves your work Shift Tab – Takes you back […]

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Email Campaigns Keep Patients Informed

Email marketing campaigns are available in Visual Connect, allowing your clinic to create and customize email blasts for newsletters, marketing, and educational material. Stay front of mind by keeping patients informed of office updates, the latest trends and promotions, and more. A detailed Email Campaigns Guide is available that covers how to create, pause, resume, […]

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How to Prevent Patient No-Shows

Doctor looking at clock waiting for late patient for appointment.

While no-shows can feel like an inevitable part of providing health care, there are plenty of actions you can take to prevent patients from missing or forgetting about their eye care appointments.  From tweaking the patient experience in your eye care practice, to instituting our convenient and efficient Visual-Eyes software for bookings and reminders, here […]

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10 Tips to Increase Your Patient Retention

Happy optometrist with happy customer as doctor gives box of contact lens to her patient.

Running your eye care practice is a two-way street—patients need you, and you need them. But more than that, you need patients to fill your schedule and you want them to keep coming back.  When your patients are not returning, you might think that your practice is doing something wrong.  Here are 10 practical ways […]

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Avoid Waiting with Planned Support

There are two basic types of support.  1. UnplannedThis is where something unexpected happens and you need help in order to get it resolved. In these cases, support is only a phone call or email away.  2. Planned (e.g. inventory or equipment upgrades)This occurs when you know you will need support and the call can be scheduled for a future date/time. […]

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6 Ways to Increase Your Online Bookings

Add “Book Now” links everywhere including on your website, email signatures, and social media. Use Visual Connect for recalls and CL next dates with “Book Now” buttons. Create email marketing campaigns to leverage your “Book Now” options. Advertise online booking in your clinic. “Online booking now available at: www.your” Mention booking online when leaving […]

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Tasks to Streamline Visual-Eyes

Do you have an eager team member looking for ways to help your clinic?  We have compiled a list of tasks that can be worked on during a clinic’s downtime to help further streamline Visual-Eyes in your practice. Some of these ideas include: Implementing and customizing Integrated Lens Ordering Setting up Visual Care templates Implementing […]

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