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Comprehensive Billing Guides by Province

Visual-Eyes has Provincial Billing Procedure Guides to help keep your office financials running smoothly. These resources will guide you through the submission and remittance process. They outline: How to become your own submitter. Creating and uploading a submission file from Visual-Eyes. Downloading and processing a remittance file from Visual-Eyes. Handling invalid, cancelled, refused, and rejected […]

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Integrating Equipment with Visual-Eyes

Make your clinic more efficient, reduce staff time, and eliminate data entry errors by integrating your equipment. Visual-Eyes currently integrates with over 175 models of equipment, including: Lensometers Tonometers Keratometers Autorefractors Auto Phoropters Lab Equipment Payment Terminals Review the Pre-Test Equipment List to see the different models currently compatible with Visual-Eyes. If there is a model missing that you have, please reach out so that we may start […]

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5 Point Server Checklist

As technology continues to advance and equipment reaches the end of its life expectancy, it is important to keep up with the latest hardware. This is especially important for your server. If your clinic is replacing your server, there are some steps to take to ensure a smooth transition.  Review our Hardware Requirements to ensure the new server meets […]

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Using Leading Indicators to Improve Practice Performance

Leading indicators measure behaviours your clinic can implement to achieve a goal. Effective leading indicators are actionable. On the other hand, lagging indicators are metrics reported after the event, such as monthly sales.Some examples of goals and their possible leading indicators include:      Goal: Increasing revenue per patient     Leading Indicators: The optometrist prescribes needs-based specific eyewear solutions to the patient Exam-room […]

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How to Improve Work Efficiency with Optometric Practice Management Software

an optician manages her day with optometric practice management

Ensuring your practice is an efficient workplace is an ongoing process that can be difficult to achieve without the proper support. With the evolution of practice management software, office efficiency has come a long way.  Visual-Eyes Software offers an innovative system that can adapt to the needs of your practice, helping you streamline your office […]

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How to Manage Multiple Eye Care Business Locations

a woman uses a laptop to manage her eye care businesses

Do you own multiple eye care business locations? If so, you know that managing numerous eye care practices requires efficient, streamlined, and flexible software solutions. But how do you know which practice management software to choose for your eye care business? With an abundance of practice management software options available, it is important to note […]

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Preparing for Year End Inventory

The end of the year marks the time when you typically take stock of the frames you have in your eye gallery. Visual-Eyes has some tips to make this process run smoother.  Run Frame Discrepancy Reports and Tray Reports Catch and fix data entry errors ahead of time.  Pre-inventory prep Clean up any frames on hold and pending warranty/part […]

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How to Spot Phishing Emails

Electronic fraud, theft, and other malicious online behaviours, such as phishing, have become an increasing threat. The most common form of phishing involves emails designed to look harmless and trick you into giving up personal information. Types of Phishing Email Phishing – These are often crafted identically to company service provider emails (e.g. Netflix or PayPal), asking […]

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Customize Visual-Eyes for Specialty Use

As clinics diversify into specialties (e.g. dry eye and vision therapy), Visual-Eyes can be leveraged to help keep your practice running smoothly. Multi-Booking Options – allow you to book a series of appointments efficiently.  Exam Forms – can be customized to track the additional testing and other requirements. New panels have been created, and custom panels may be built to meet […]

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