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How to Prevent Patient No-Shows

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How to Prevent Patient No-Shows

Doctor looking at clock waiting for late patient for appointment.

While no-shows can feel like an inevitable part of providing health care, there are plenty of actions you can take to prevent patients from missing or forgetting about their eye care appointments.  From tweaking the patient experience in your eye care practice, to instituting our convenient and efficient Visual-Eyes software for bookings and reminders, here […]

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10 Tips to Increase Your Patient Retention

Happy optometrist with happy customer as doctor gives box of contact lens to her patient.

Running your eye care practice is a two-way street—patients need you, and you need them. But more than that, you need patients to fill your schedule and you want them to keep coming back.  When your patients are not returning, you might think that your practice is doing something wrong.  Here are 10 practical ways […]

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5 Tips for Managing Your Eye Care Practice During COVID

A phoropter being humorously covered by a face mask

To say the world has changed is an understatement, as COVID-19 has affected everyone’s life in some way. For your eye care practice, everything from invoicing to examinations may be affected, and it can be difficult to manage.  Whether your clinic recently re-opened or has been operating from the start, continue reading to learn about […]

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