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8 Ways to Increase Positive Online Reviews For Your Optometry Practice

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Visual-Eyes’ New Insurer Screen

Visual-Eyes’ new insurer screen offers a variety of exciting features and improvements. Clinics can look forward to:  A modernized look Ease of use when linking insurance records to other patients Quick access to the insurer’s website Options to print off eClaims consent forms for patients Summarized claim history For details on how to enable and […]

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New Online Training Resource

Visual-Eyes’ new online training resources contain videos, practice sessions, and quizzes to help train your team. This new resource is now available to all Visual-Eyes clinics at no additional cost. To access these online courses: Register for an account on Note: There may be a slight delay for the website and course registration due to the security verification process.  Once you are […]

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Preparing for Year End Inventory

Here are some tips that should be completed in the month leading up to your quarterly or annual inventory, to help your process run smoother: Run Frame Discrepancy Reports to isolate and fix potential errors ahead of frame inventory counts. Run Tray Reports to cross reference your current active jobs. If you have an inventory scanner, make sure it is fully […]

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5 Tips on How to Remind Patients of Appointments

Calendar with "appointment" written on day of 12th as reminder

Having a bustling schedule is great, but it does not mean much if you cannot be sure your patients will reliably arrive for their appointments. We all lead busy lives and occasionally things slip through the cracks of our full calendars. Luckily you can offer your patients convenient reminders that are simple for your staff […]

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Marketing Campaigns and Their Effectiveness

Marketing campaigns create a unique URL that allows you to track if patients are finding your online booking site from your social media platforms, emails, ads, and more. More importantly, they also show which of those markets result in bookings.  Various tools can determine how patients are booking appointments at your office. You can utilize:  […]

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Benefits of Selling Gift Cards

Many businesses do not feel the need to offer gift cards for a handful of reasons. Maybe they consider themselves too small, already offer gift certificates, or just do not know where to start. But if you do not sell gift cards yet, you are ultimately missing out. You take pride in your business and […]

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OptoCalc by Visual-Eyes

OptoCalc is a calculator created by Visual-Eyes with optometrists, opticians, and optometric assistants in mind. It is designed to help simplify and increase efficiencies with industry specific calculations, such as those made for determining edge thickness, spectacle magnification, vertex, and more. The optocalc.exe file can be downloaded HERE, as well as copied to any Windows computer.  The Visual-Eyes […]

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Benefits of the ToDo Module

The Visual-Eyes ToDo Module gives your clinic the ability to go fully paperless, with interoffice communication and task managing capabilities. ToDo module features include: Creating reminders for tasks that can be linked to a specific patient’s file.  Monitoring the completion status of ToDos. Forward dating messages for reminders of future tasks. Sending messages or tasks to an individual, […]

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Let Patients Know When You Are Open

In Visual Care, there is a feature that enables you to set your regular clinic hours, as well as holiday closures. Setting the times that your business is open will affect: How messages are sent from Visual Connect; messages will not send on days that you are closed. Available booking days in Visual Book. It is important to […]

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