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Save Time with Split Payments

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Save Time with Split Payments

Visual-Eyes’ split payment feature applies one payment to a group of invoices. This can be done in two ways: Family Split Payments: This allows family members to make payments towards multiple invoices for people listed under the same family unit. Insurance Split Payments: This allows a single entry for insurance payments regardless of the number of patients […]

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Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Errors in Your Optical with Integrated Lens Ordering

Besides the ability to send jobs orders from within Visual-Eyes, Integrated Lens Ordering offers the option to download online catalogs directly from major labs, removing the need for manual data entry. Keep up to date with catalog changes and product availability, while eliminating costly transcription errors and freeing up time in your optical.  Pricing lenses still remains fully customizable. […]

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Lens ‘Extras’ Make Pricing Orders Easier

Lens extras are additional charges from your lab (e.g. for semi-rimless lenses) that are applied to orders. Visual-Eyes has a function that allows you to enter the parameters that incur these extras charges, enabling them to be automatically added to a lens price when one of the parameters is triggered. Setting up lens extras helps ensure […]

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Streamline and Simplify Lens Ordering

Integrated lens ordering allows you to download online lens catalogs (including pricing and lens availability) from most major labs. While there are often thousands of options available, you may simplify the ordering process by narrowing down the selections. Visual-Eyes has an option that allows you to select your favourite lenses, alleviating the need to sift […]

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Using Job Order Packages

Do you run periodic promotions at your clinic or have special pricing situations? There are many different discounts that can be applied to glasses or contact lens orders within Visual-Eyes. An easy way to track discounts and make sure that they are implemented consistently is to use customizable pre-defined Rx or CL packages. Pre-defined discounts […]

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